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The cigarette pack moisture meter adopts 2.4GHz low_frequency microwave, which can penetrate high_density non_metallic packaging materials. The microwave emits energy from the microwave transmitting probe located on the left side of the packaging box, and the remaining microwave energy is received by the microwave receiving probe on the right after passing through the material to be tested. According to the attenuation of microwave power and the change of phase shift, as well as the ultrasonic mass compensation probe, the instantaneous total mass is calculated, and the moisture content of the material can be calculated by the computer system software according to the total energy lost and the percentage of the total mass. In the finished product inspection at the packing outlet of the redrying plant, check whether the moisture content of each cigarette pack on the roller is qualified. The cigarette packs after alcoholization in the cigarette factory will be checked in and out of the warehouse to prevent economic losses caused by mildew during the storage process. The Tobacco Leaf Purchasing Station tests the sacks and formulates a guide price for the purchase, which improves the guiding role and efficiency of the purchase. And non-metallic material packaging box moisture detection.

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